A touch-friendly web whiteboard app for drawing and collaborating with other artists in school, work or home

It is an easily accessible online software for educators and business people that is designed to offer easy to use whiteboard services for teams to collaborate and brainstorm. It has an effectively functioning dashboard that stores information for business people and educators.

How Aww-app works

The online whiteboard has easy to use features like an eraser, bin, font adjustment, pen among other tools that facilitates remote meetings and creation of online mock-ups. It enables teams from different regions to work together despite the possibility of distance between them.

Aww-app features and tools

Save board

This feature allows you to save the whiteboard you have used, thus keeping the information within reach in your device.

Export to image

This feature allows you to export what you have on your whiteboard and save it as an image in your gallery.

Export to pdf

The whiteboard can be converted to a pdf and stored among your documents.


You can create a customized template for your white board as well as save the whiteboard as a template.

Open a saved board

Aww app allows you to open saved boards in the app and view previous information that you would like to access afresh.

With these features in Aww app teams are able to:


Teams can get involved in sketching, prototyping, and designing templates that are effective for brainstorming.


The software has templates that enable teams to structure their work and organize work schedules together. This makes it effective in accomplishing more tasks within stipulated working hours.


Your team will be able to evaluate the completed tasks to ensure objectives have been met. They can monitor progress and find out areas in need of improvement then assign more time to these.


Teams can offer their input and make effective designs together. This works to maintain high quality work. Teachers can deign lesson plans for their classrooms, flow charts, and other interesting tools that will attract and retain learners’ attention.


The online whiteboard is a perfect tool to use in teaching because it has numerous tools. The learners will find it appealing since it allows creation of different resources.


The software offers free trial and have a free version. The start price for Aww app features is $10 monthly for each feature.


  • Easy and straightforward to operate because it does not require filling in an online form to use
  • Free trial and free version available
  • Easy to use with numerous functionality
  • Ability to use in real time
  • Works well with Skype and zoom, and is convenient for illustrating during meetings
  • All you create is shareable to other platforms like social media


  • Lag between time of image posting and time image appears
  • In the case of educators, learners can easily delete information in the collaborative space because there is no restrictions to access
  • You can only use Aww app with an internet connection
  • The free version lasts 14 days only then you have to purchase a plan
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